Rental Polices, Payments & Cancellations

We hope that the information below answers all your questions, if not call or email us and we will be glad to help with all your questions. We look forward to being your host during your visit. Please see our area attraction and activities on our website and experience all that we have to offer here in McCurtain County, the Gateway to Broken Bow Lake and Beavers Bend State Park.

(Rates and policies are subject to change without notice)

Check-in 3 pm or later :Check-out: 11 am (no exceptions)


Please do not arrive early without permission. Extra charges will be applied for early check-in starting at $25.00 per hour. If you check-out later than the check-out time, hourly charges and housekeeping fees will be charged to your credit card.


1. PLEASE DO NOT BREAK, DAMAGE, DESTROY, OR TAKE WITH YOU ANY ITEMS INSIDE OR OUTSIDE AT ANY OF THE PROPERTIES UNDER OUR MANAGEMENT! If anything is broken, damaged, destroyed, or missing from the property that you occupied your card will be charged. NO EXCEPTIONS!

2. PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE ANY FURNITURE OR DECORATIONS AROUND DURING YOUR STAY! The owners want you to enjoy the cabin, not change it.

3. PLEASE KEEP TRASH PICKED UP AND THE CABIN TIDY AT ALL TIMES! If you leave the cabin messy your card will be charged additional cleaning fees.

4. DO NOT add any chemicals, soaps, lotions, and/or perfumes to the hot tub. If evidence is found that you added any of the above you will be charged. NO EXCEPTIONS! Hot Tub temperature should not exceed 102* degrees. When you are not using the hot tub please turn the temperature down to 95*degrees, this will help prevent kids and adults from overheating while getting back into the hot tub.

5. DO NOT CUT ANY TREES DOWN ON OR AROUND THE PROPERTY, YOU WILL BE CHARGED A $500.00 FEE FOR EVERY TREE CUT DOWN. NO EXCEPTIONS! Firewood is not provided with the cabin, so if you’re needing firewood call and we will deliver some. There will be a charge for the wood and service call. (If there is firewood already at the cabin from the last renters, your more than welcome to use that.)


7. Please keep a watchful eye on all children. We do have snakes and other critters that can bite.

8. NO SMOKING INSIDE ANY CABIN. If we find evidence there has been smoking in the cabin you will be charged damage fees. There is a cigarette bucket outside for your convenience.

9. PLEASE BRING BUG REPELLANT! We are in the country & you will most likely encounter chiggers, mosquitos, biting flies, gnats, no-see-ums, fleas, ticks, spiders, etc. We will NOT be held liable for bug bites.

10. Please be considerate of your surroundings, turn off all bright outside lights & noise at 11:00 pm.

11. Before you leave please make sure the following is done.

 Load the dishwasher and turn on, there is dishwashing detergent or pods for your convenience.

 Place towels in the washer & turn on, there is laundry detergent for your convenience.

• Make sure Hot Tub is turned down to 85* degrees

 Make sure all doors are locked & lights & ceiling fans (inside & outside) are turned off.

 Make sure your trash goes in the black trash can outside & the lid is secured. We have critters that love to get in the trash.

We want you to enjoy your stay but we also want to keep the property nice for the owner. So please treat the property with kindness & consideration.


Rates & Dates:

Rates are charged by the number of nights that you are staying in the cabin, not by the days. (All cabins have a minimum “Night” stay requirement of 2 nights. There is a minimum 3 night stay on holidays and selected dates throughout the year. Rates vary by season and there is a base rate for all cabins and additional charges for additional guests. One (1) night stays are considered and available unless cabins are booked up. 100% payment is due at the time of reservation is made plus there will be a $25.00 dollar charge for cabins that have 4 or more rooms (this is for extra cleaning cost). Discounts are not available for one (1) night stays.


 We accept major credit cards (Master, Visa, & Discover) for securing your reservation, payment in full is required at the time the reservation is made. A one (1) night stay charge is required for each cabin reserved.( For example A cabin stay with an average daily rental of $195.00 will require a $195.00 down payment). Down payments are applied towards your balance.

Additional Per Person Charge:

Each cabin has a base rate for a set number (#) of people and then a fee of $12.00 for each additional person per night. Children under the age of 3 years are free.

Pet Charge:

Some of our cabins allow pets and some don’t, please read the cabin description on our website. There will be a non-refundable pet fee charge of $25.00 per night per pet and will be added to your bill. We respectively ask that you do not bring unauthorized pet(s) as there is always evidence. If you do not specify that you are bringing your pet(s) and we find evidence in the cabin your credit card will be charged $100.00 per pet per night. Pets are required to be kept in a kennel when you are not in the cabin and during the night.

Final Payments:

Fourteen (14) days prior to your arrival your credit card will be charged the remaining balance due, if multiple guests are paying, you will need to call the office and make arrangements for each paying guest.


A confirmation for your reservation will be emailed to the address provided at the time the reservation was made. Please review the confirmation for accuracy of dates and accommodations. Please notify Beavers Bend Lake Cabin Rentals for any discrepancies in the reservation(s) immediately upon receiving your confirmation. It is a good idea to double check your confirmation. Once we have received your signed waiver we will email you driving directions, key code, and a 2nd confirmation stating your balance has been paid in full and we have sent you driving directions and key code. This will come in three different emails.


Please notify us by going to CONTACT US on our website and let us know that you have not received your confirmation. (Please note that online reservations can take up to 8 to 10 hours before your confirmation will be sent out). If we are not added to your email address, most confirmations fall into your spam/junk mail folder.


You do not need to call us before checking into your cabin.

Changing Cabins & Dates:

Each cabin is individually owned and it is considered a cancellation for one owner and a booking for another owner. Cancellation policies will apply.


Discounts will be given to military veterans, senior citizens, churches, organizational groups, and low peak seasonal times on certain cabins, not all cabins offer discounts.


All guests that will be staying at the property will sign a waiver before entering the property, this must be signed during the reservation process and sent back. We cannot give you access to the property until we have received the signed waiver. Once we have received the signed waiver we will send you the information for you to access the property.

Special Instructions:

If you have any special accommodations that you would like for us to have at the property before your arrival please let us know in the reservation process under Reservation Notes. There will be an additional charge of $25.00 for this service plus the cost of the specialty. (example, wine, food, wood, decorations, and ect…)


If for any reason you need to cancel your reservation(s) the down payment will not be refunded. To avoid additional charges, we require a 30 day notice of cancellation. Full rental fee will apply if reservations are cancelled seven (7) days prior to arrival date. Only the guest named on the reservation may cancel or make changes to a reservation. We require all cancellations be in writing, via- email. We cannot accept cancellations by phone. All cancellations will be given a number, your reservation will not be cancelled without a cancellation number, so please make sure you receive your cancelled confirmation number.


We accept no responsibility for personal property loss or accidents that may occur during your stay. Every effort has been made to secure and make safe to the property. Outdoor activities involve certain inherent risk of injury up to and including death. It is expressly understood that the cabin owners and Beavers Bend Lake Cabin Rentals shall not be held liable for any damages or injury to any of the guests and/or to their personal property while staying at the property. You will be held responsible for any damages or thefts at the property. Damages include, but are not limited to, smoking in the cabin.